Our SEND Co-ordinator is Mrs C Mackinder who works closely with  Miss A Davis our SEND Assistant. We can be contacted via the school office at

You may also be able to find information below to help answer any queries you may have.

If you are worried about your child's mental health and wellbeing, we offer support via a different pathway. You can find more information about this provision on our 'Pupil Well-being' page. 

If you have concerns regarding the support your child is receiving, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance, if you require further help please contact Mrs C Mackinder or Miss A Davis.


The term 'Special Needs' covers a wide range of difficulties, we use the quality teaching first ethos to support all our pupils learning  

Our SENCo and SENCo Assistant work closely with a number of other professionals and parents to ensure we can provide the best education for all


Some services we may engage with:

Health Families Team, School & Families Specialist Services, Educational Phycologist, Family SENCo, 

Speech & Language Services, Bassetlaw Primary Behavioural Partnership...   


The SENCo and Assistant are always available for advice and listen to your concerns


Speech and Language 

Mrs M Cairns is our Communication Champion 

If your child is having difficulty speaking or being understood, please speak to us, we have many strategies and resources that could help you and your child. Early intervention can quickly resolve issues

We strongly advise that your child is discouraged from speaking whilst having a dummy or comforter in their mouths, they restrict the full movement of their tongue to form sounds/words correctly 

Speak clearly to your child, use the correct words for objects, don't fret if they say words incorrectly, repeat words yourself and move on with your day





Understanding ASC

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Support group

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