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Admission into F1 (nursery)

Admission into full time school

Pupils are educated in mixed year groups, with a dedicated Foundation unit for the younger members of school and three additional classrooms for pupils in KS1 and KS2.


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Foundation Year 1 & 2 Year 3 & 4 Year 5 & 6

 To create a safe and supportive environment, where everyone feels valued, we encourage pupils to mix during key times of the day, such as collective worship. This helps develop a sense of responsibility in our older pupils and positive well-being in our younger ones. 

As pupils move into Year Six, they have an opportunity to 'hold jobs' within school that supports staff in the day. This we believe, continues to develop their independent skills, self -worth and responsibility in readiness for their next step in education

Office Assistants  ICT Assistants  Sport Assistants  Librarians 
Foundation Assistants Eco Assistants 

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