Class Two - Year Three & Year Four

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Mrs Wendon


Swimming starts for all children in Class 2 on Tuesday 8th September 2020 for 18 weeks 

To help with social distancing protocol at the pool, all children are encouraged to come 'Beach Ready' for our swimming session to limit time spent in the changing area 

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Reading books are changed independently by pupils as they move into KS2, selecting books within their colour band that hold an interest to them.  

Staff use internal assessments to monitor how pupils are developing reading skills and their ability to use inference.

In addition to reading school books, encourage your child to read other materials such as labels, menus, leaflets, comics and other text.

Supporting your child with reading is as important in KS2 as in KS1, however we know most pupils will be unwilling to read to an adult once they have reached a certain age or ability.

To help develop reading in KS2...

 ask questions about their book once they have read to themselves for short while,

ask them meaning of words and alternatives words that could be used,

develop the story or ask what might happen next. 

Reading prompts KS2


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