Class Three - Year Five & Year Six

~ 'A Love of Learning for Life and for All' ~

Class Three

   Class teachers

Mrs Walker (Mon, Tue & Wed) & Mrs Wendon (Thursday & Friday) 

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Year 5 begin their school swimming session on Tuesday 10th September for 18 weeks

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Class Three are off on their residential Wednesday 25th September until Friday27th September to Hathersage

St Michael Centre


Take a peek to see what we will be learning...

2019 - 2020 

Autumn      'Eyam'               'Kensuke's Kingdom'         

Spring         'Space'              'Invaders & Raiders'

Summer      'Hola Mexico'    'Rainforests'


2020 - 2021


Autumn   'What was it like to have lived through World War Two?'          

Spring     'Contrasting Climates, Frozen kingdoms & Scorching Savannah'        

Summer  'Gallery Rebels, Darwin's Delight' 


Reading books are changed independently by pupils as they move into KS2, selecting books within their colour band that hold an interest to them.  

Pupils are encouraged to use junior librarian to give feedback about the books they have read.

Staff use internal assessments to monitor how pupils are developing reading skills and their ability to use inference.

In addition to reading school books, encourage your child to read other materials such as labels, menus, leaflets, comics and other text.

Supporting your child with reading is as important in KS2 as in KS1, however we know most pupils will be unwilling to read to an adult once they have reached a certain age or ability.

To help develop reading in KS2...

 ask questions about their book once they have read to themselves for short while,

ask them meaning of words and alternatives words that could be used,

develop the story or ask what might happen next.

Reading prompts KS2


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