Parents, Teachers & Friends Association


Ranby Fund Club

Everyone is welcome to join the PTFA and help make a difference in the educational setting & experiences for pupils, staff and visitors 

The PTFA are a friendly group of adults who regularly meet during school time to allow parents and carers to attend, please look out for information via text.

Mrs A Norman is Chair of the PTFA and can be contacted via school

In 2019 our PTFA raised enough funds to allow an outdoor environmental classroom  to be purchased.

Some of things our PTFA do...

Discos, After show picnic and stalls, Christmas Fayre, raffles, refreshments at school events, competitions...    


The fundraising to date has helped us;

Purchase electronic and storage equipment

Storage boxes for playground equipment

Picnic blankets

Skipping ropes

Bulbs & plants for environment enhancement

Reading books

Contribute towards educational trips